Planned Giving

Eunice Foote Society

Rick Theis and Carolyn Johnson
"There are very few organizations that are aligned with my views for environmental and racial justice. While I'm still here, I want to plan my giving so The Climate Center can keep spending my money doing good once I'm gone."
-Rick Theis

The Eunice Foote Society was created to honor the people who have expressed their commitment to The Climate Center through a special and important form of financial support. This group of donors will ensure that The Climate Center's work continues for generations to come.

The society is named after Eunice Newton Foote, the world's first climate scientist, who in 1856 discovered the warming properties of carbon dioxide, 3 years before John Tyndall published work on heat-trapping gases.

These donors have named The Climate Center as a beneficiary of a planned gift. Such gifts might include:

Once you have completed your estate plans or if you have questions, please let us know by sending an email to We would like to thank you for your generosity by including you in the Eunice Foote Society.

Your Eunice Foote Society membership involves no dues, obligations, or solicitations, but it does allow us to thank you!

Membership Benefits

  • Invitation to the annual Eunice Foote Society lunch and other special events
  • The knowledge that you are making a difference for the climate in California and beyond by supporting one of the most powerful forces for change

The Climate Center is honored to list those who notify us of their gift, whatever its form or size, in the Eunice Foote Society, either as a named or anonymous member. Your membership will inspire others to support The Climate Center!

Members of the Eunice Foote Legacy Society

  • Kristin Berger
  • Jennifer Bice
  • Jean Fraser & Geoff Gordon-Creed
  • Barbara Moulton &Tom Helm
  • Regan & Tom Hemphill
  • Stacey Meinzen
  • Joyce Clements & Susan Robinson
  • CJ Johnson & Rick Theis
  • Janis & Warren Watkins